Rules security and Rentals Conditions



Every new Windsurf Point client will be asked to fill out the Windsurf Point client form for registration.


Wind  Point center will keep a document that identifies the client (Passport, Driving License or Identity Card). The client receives back the document upon return and damage check of the hired equipment.

 The client will be asked to present documentation or information that proves theory and basic knowledge for the practice of the modality.

 In case of course- or rental reservation the client is required to present the reservation confirmation.

 The client is exclusively responsible for all equipment that is provided to the client by Windsurf Point and can not be used by any others.

 The Wind Point center also supplies equipment rental for another spot chosen by the client.

 A deposit is required prior to taking the equipment outside the Club. This will be calculated by means of the spot and duration of rental.

 Wind Point Center reserves the right to refuse the rental of equipment (especially kite surf equipment) depending on the weather conditions.

 10% discount on Windsurf and Kitesurf with pre- booking.

 Pre-booking requires payment 7 days previuos to arrival.

 All pre-bookings on windsurf and kitesurf include free use of Stand up Paddle, surf or bodyboard ( depending on availability).

Upon cancelation of pre- booking, only 80% of payment will be refunded.

 No show will result in a forfeit of the full booking value.

 Kitesurf rentals only with IKO or VDWS license.

 Separate Board, Kite or Rig Rentalis 60% of ful kite price.

 Partner Windsurf & Kitesurf Rental - normal price + 25% / normal insurance price + 25%.

 Equipment rental is for one person only, exept in the Partner Windsurf & Kitesurf Rental.

 If equipment is used by more than one person insurance will be lost .

 Wetsuits and Harness are not included in other equipment rental.


Lessons are divided into 1-4 hour sessions (one session per day).

The duration of each session is decided by the instructors on location.

 Please be aware that,for safety reasons ,all lessons will be given with our Center´s equipment.

 Lessons cannot be given with your  private equipment,except with Private Lessons or Supervision,in wich case we are not responsible for any damage your equipment.

 During group lessons our instructors are unable to be with every student a 100 % of the course time.

 During private lessons our instructors are with the students through out the duration of course.

 Wetsuits are free of charge in all lessons. 


The center has Surveillance and semi rigid vessel for rescue on flat water or jet ski for  waves.

 Clients hiring equipment should not endanger themselves and others, should be able to swim and respect the International Marine Laws and International Rules of Sport on the water at any time.

Life vests are free of charge for all activities and must be worn at all times.

 In the case the rental conditions are not adhered to,  Wind Point is not liable for any damages or accidents and reserves the right to cancel the contract without refunding the charge.

 In case of problems or emergencies the sailor must attract attention with clear visible signs. The first two rescues are free of charge, but thereafter will be charged 15€.

Warranties of the Wind

The rentals are not covered by this warranty.

 All courses are guaranteed wind make money back except for lack of attendance.

Equipment Insurance

Usage of the club’s equipment is on personal risk. Any personal injury caused by the usage of sport equipment or other club’s facilities is sole responsibility!

 Wind Point has to offer a non obligatory insurance against damages of rented windsurf and kite surf equipment. The insurance only includes damages not resulting from accidents with third parties and loss or bad and careless treatment of any equipment in and outside of the water.

 Insurance does not cover damanges caused by waves, surfing, shore break , fin damage on the rocks and rescue!

 The equipment insurance is included in the rent up two days for possible damage to the leased  equipment, from three days insurance is optional.

 If you decide not to do the insurance and somehow damage the rented equipment, you must pay all the equipment or, if this possibility, the repair.

Payment Modality

Wind Point Center accepts payments in Euros.

Payment is accepted in Cash (Euros), Euro Cheques or by Visa or MasterCard credit cards. With reservations the client must pay 25% of the total amount upon reservation.