Renting equipment is one of our services.

We have the perfect system to satisfy you, our rentals are practical and effective, all equipment is of excellent quality.

To suit your requirements in Windsurfing and Kitesurfing  we have perfected our rental systems and, for this we use the experience acquired over multiple years.

Through this long experience, we realized that the right choice of material for the level of each customer is very important as well as experienced and professional staff.

For this reason we always have a simple questionnaire to the client to realize what their level and ensure their safety in the water, our experience allows putting the customer with appropriate materials to their level and thus keep him safe.

We do not rent equipment when sea or weather conditions do not allow it.

Our control system includes watercrafts in the water permanently controlling the practitioners, lifeguards constantly checking your location, and the annotation system of get-ins and get-outs of water, all to guarantee your safety.

In our rentals we have the possibility to change and use another surfboard, sailing or kite in our range when you want. Make sure you are using the appropriate board, otherwise do not hesitate to change, if you need some advice to choose the material we are at your disposal.

Enjoy and try the different models of our constantly updated range.