The Stand Up Paddle or Sup is currently a very popular sport, may be used in the waves or flat water, Meia Praia has excellent conditions for initiation in this sport due to having little ripple or practice in race mode, but sometimes have ripple perfect southeasterly to practice this sport in the waves if you prefer to practice only in the wave mode the Costa Vicentina located about 1 hour from our center has magnificent beaches with permanent waves.


The Algarve is now a popular destination for surfing the Meia Praia with southeasterly Curling has rights peaks and left for all tastes, but the Costa Vicentina located and about an hour drive from our center is undoubtedly the best option for practicing surf or bodyboard this coast with nature even in its pure state is beaches with waves for all levels from initiation to advanced in a unique natural environment.


We do every day surf safaris to the coast Vincentian this coast has a wide range of peaks with waves for beginners or professionals depending on your level.


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 Located about 5 minutes walk from the village of Sagres center this beach is a favorite for surfing enthusiasts or bodyboard, due to be directed to the north the waves of this beach are powerful, we can catch left or tubular rights or exucutar magnificent maneuvers the vertical walls of the waves of this spot.


Ponta Ruiva

 For nature lovers in a pure state this is the perfect spot, famous for its magnificent left long with stone background, in the days when the swell is smaller we can get good left and right in the middle of the beach depending on sweel direction also we get good waves on the right side of the beach.



 This beach has excellent conditions for surfing or bodyboarding depending on the direction of sweel and state funds can catch magnificent waves of left or right with good wall to perform breathtaking maneuvers.



 Follows the Castelejo Beach, with the same characteristics, this beach has always sweel more than other spots and is famous for its magnificent tubular left, but sometimes we get good right always depending on the direction of sweel and state funds ..



 This is the busiest beach in the Algarve for the practice of surf or bodyboard due to having consistent swell and several left and right peaks, sought by surfers from all over Europe this spot is always too crowded especially in the summer months.



 This beach is located very close to the village of carrapateira, the river sometimes flows into the sea takes large quantities of sand to the surf zone and makes a magnificent left busts along the beach, making this spot one of the one of the most sought by surfing and bodyboarding practitioners.


 Vale Figueiras

 This beach is located in the area of ​​Alfambras between Aljezur and Carrapateira not explored by the human presence in this spot we can find the right peaks and left always with little crowd the ideal direction of the swell is northwest or west with offshore wind the wave are perfect making this exelente place for surfing or bodyboarding.



This beach is well known for the surfing community. has waves to suit all tastes and levels, the peak located in the middle of the beach roll left and right, but there are other sandy bottom peaks on this beach, if you prefer a more ariscada wave has "Kanguru" one right that usually only works with size of waves more than two meters on a stone background.