Meia Praia at about 5 km long is located in Lagos bay the wind blows northwest of offshore can browse slightly away from the beach where the wind is more constant in the middle of the bay where the beach begins to describe a curve the wind is Side of this desert area is perfect for practicing Windsurf and kitesurf can sailing along the beach with clean wind.


 The Alvor Lagoon is located about 3 km from our center at the end of Meia Praia is the perfect spot to practice kite surfing, sand island in the middle of the lagoon and the shallow depth will low tide make this lake a perfect site for practice and learning this sport.


Martinhal with about 800 meters of sandy beach is located in Sagres this beach is known for strong wind northwest, may slightly away nevegar the beach where the wind is more constant, if you prefer windsurfing in freestyle mode enjoy the final part of the beach where the strong wind and flat water offer great conditions for the practice of this sport.


Despite the normal conditions in these spots be offshore there are days when the winds are side southwest shore, these conditions are perfect for windsurfing or kitesurfing with some shopy water.


 The southeasterly wind from North Africa blows side on in some areas of these spots with curling between ½ m to 2m is ideal for the practice of windsurfing and kite surfing in the waves.


Tunel is located near Sagres in the summer months the northwest wind blows sideshore this spot with curling ½ m to 2m is ideal for practicing windsurfing in the waves.

Safety is one of our main objectives, we have guards to control all practitioners, our starters notes system and water outputs guarantee their safety. Rescues are made by our experienced Skypers with the semi rigid type vessel help the quieter areas and watercraft for corrugating.
 Wind statistic

Made by Antonio Galvao (POR21) in the last 20 years of presence in Meia Praia, Martinhal and Tunel. Wind directions: 75% Northwest, Southeast 10%, 10% southwest, 5% other senses