sailing lessons


Sailing is a demanding sport should have experience to sail with different types of winds from weak, medium or strong

 We offer courses for all levels from beginner to advanced level who want to feel strong sensations to sail.


Our instructors are also sailing practitioners and has plenty of experience at sea.


Baptism: first steps in sport (1 hour all equipment included)

 Refresh: to upgrade their current level and to improve navigation techniques in different conditions. (2 hours all equipment included)


 Introductory course: will learn to perform all the techniques correctly and enjoy more of the practice of this sport. (8 hours all equipment included)


 • Knowledge of equipment

• sailing techniques

• control of the vessel

• Direction

• Safety

• Theory


 Step by step (Course Intermediate and Advanced) Perfect for intermediate and advanced sailors learn:

 • Navigating the Harness

• Browse only a float

• Put the boat in the correct position after overturning

• Navigate with strong wind


We have a highly qualified and prepared staff always ready to meet the needs of each client, our company is committed to ensure a high quality service, therefore all our instructors are accredited VDWS and RYA.

We teach in several languages.